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MMBA Forum Rules

Postby inasnit » November 2nd, 2010, 10:05 am

General Overview
These are the MMBA Forum rules. If you don't agree with them you can leave the forum or refuse to register an account. If you wish to have your account deleted please contact a moderator or administrator. Upon breaking a rule, you might receive a warning, but this is not mandatory. You can be banned for your first offense of breaking these rules.

While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. We reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused.

The Big Rules
If you break these rules, you're eligible for an instant ban.

  • Using racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful language.
  • Posting pornographic or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material.
  • Linking to pornographic or NSFW material without a clear warning.
  • Linking to viruses, referral sites, or maliciously coded websites either in your signature or in your post.
  • Using the forum primarily to drive traffic to another website.
  • Posting with an alternate (sockpuppet) account while banned or your main account while an alternate is banned. Both accounts may be deleted.
  • Posting any member's real life information without permission.
  • Impersonating Administrators, Moderators, or other forum users.
  • Attempting to smartass your way around these rules.

The Other Rules
If you break these rules, you're risking being banned. Think before you post.

  • Remaking or complaining about a locked or deleted thread by creating a new thread.
  • Complaining or boasting about any ban, including comments in signature text and/or avatars.
  • Recreating a thread that has been created recently. Use the search bar before hitting "New Topic".
  • Bumping topic without a good reason and/or new information.
  • Backseat modding: publicly pointing out what needs to be deleted, banned, moved, locked or destroyed.
  • Chasing / harassing / flaming other users, regardless of who instigated it.
  • Harassing other users by having a continuous negative or bitter attitude towards them.
  • Harassing the moderators or administrators.
  • Trolling: cruising the boards looking for a fight.
  • Attempting to smartass your way around these rules.

General Conduct and Suggestions
  • Treat your fellow forum members with respect. Insults, harassment, flaming, trolling, baiting or other similar abusive behavior towards other members of the forum or hate towards any groups in general will not be tolerated. Forum mods will take appropriate action if they see abusive behavior from any user.
  • Preview your post before submitting it. Just use the "Preview" button. Read your post over for accuracy and clarity. If you've posted any graphics or photographs, double-check that they're appearing properly. If you've posted any links, click on them to ensure that they're working correctly.
  • Don't crosspost, or worse, shotgun. Crossposting is the practice of posting the same question in more than one forum. Shotgunning is the same thing, but posted in almost every forum to maximize the number of people reading the post. Most people here read all of the forums, and don't want to read the same questions over and over. If you have a specific question, put it in the most relevant forum. If you can't decide which forum is most relevant, put it in the General forum.
  • You are not required to reply to every single thread and post in a forum. Please only reply if you have something useful to add to the thread.
  • Posts that intentionally derail a thread from its original topic are strongly frowned upon. Nonsensical and off-topic posts like these will be deleted.
  • Give your topic a good title that summarizes the body of your message. This is often overlooked, and subjects such as "WTF?", "Look what I found", or "Today I..." give no clue as to what your post will be about.
  • Before posting a topic, please ask yourself the following question: "Am I making a post which is either funny, informative, interesting, or useful on some level?" If you can answer "yes" to this, then please post. If you cannot, then refrain.
  • Before replying, please ask yourself: "Does my reply offer any significant advice or contribute to the conversation ?" Adding "me too!", "+1", and other such basic affirmations add little to a thread.
Some simple guidelines:
  • Use proper punctuation and grammar.
  • Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse not to follow them.
  • Lurk first, post second. Read the entirety of every thread you post in before you post.
  • If you're about to make a post that you're not sure is OK, whether covered by the rules or not, don't.
  • If you can't make a positive contribution to a topic, don't reply.
  • Read, re-read, and respect these rules.

Dealing with Other Users
Can I block posts, emails and messages from specific users?

If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages and Emails from them, then you can add these members to your 'Foes'. As documented, "Foes are users which will be ignored by default. Posts by these users will not be fully visible. Personal messages from foes are still permitted. Please note that you cannot ignore moderators or administrators."

To do this click on their username to view their profile, then click Add Foe.

You may also edit your foes list by visiting click here or browse to User Control Panel ? Friends & Foes ? Manage Foes and follow the on-screen directions to add users as foes.

What if I see spam, something offensive, or an off-topic post?

Each post has an exclamation mark (!) button on it. This button may be used to alert the moderators and administrators to posts you feel should be reported. Complete the given form and a moderator will address the report.

Final Thoughts
We want to keep this forum clean and we want to see people engage in intelligent conversation. We reserve the right to remove offensive or inappropriate posts without notice. Use common sense: if you don't have something interesting to discuss, don't post a topic!

Don't hesitate to contact a mod, admin, or if you have a question or comment.
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