DTE Gates are closed but trail is open

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DTE Gates are closed but trail is open

Postby DynoDon » April 3rd, 2020, 6:39 pm

This is for the people that don't do DTE Facebook... I copied this from DTE Facebook for you.. PLEASE read the whole thing, its another bunch of rules, heed them or else???? Fines? Closing the trails? just play the game or stay at home, today there are plenty of people parked out on M52,, this week end it'll probably get worse, enjoy your ride it may be the last one for awhile if people don't play by the rules that change every day..

Date: Ongoing
We are in unique times, so we've got a unique situation that has developed at DTE.
The Good: Trails will be reopening today for those that are able to walk or bike in. Signage will be flipped to "Open" by noon today.
The Bad: Both parking lots will remain closed and locked by MDNR due to COVID-19 social distancing concerns. Both lots are fairly small and cramped. This, combined with the popularity of the DTE Trail, have lead to situations in the lots which do not support the State's social distancing order.
The (potentially) Ugly: If you are either local, or, are able to park IN A LEGAL LOCATION and ride or hike/run into the trail, you are welcome to use it. However, what is not acceptable is parking outside the gates and along the shoulder on either M-52 or Cassidy Road. Trail users parking in these locations will be cited. If people attempt to do this and it becomes an issue, the actual trail will likely be closed.
We realize that this scenario favors those who are local to the trail. However, this is a unique situation created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Also, a few reminders to those who are able to still access the trail, consistent with some current nationwide "Best Practices" being utilized at recreational trail systems:
o Solo use of the trail is encouraged. Cycling or foot use of the trail with other members of your immediate household who are not currently sick is acceptable. Meeting up with those who do not currently "stay at home" with you is not.
o Do not use the trail if you are sick or feel sick. No explanation required.
o If you come upon other users, keep a six foot distance, be extra-courteous and give space for each other to safely pass.
o Finally, please minimize risk taking on the trail at this time. Now is not the time to attempt that jump or drop that you've been working up to doing. Save it for after this public health crisis is over.
We understand that our trail users will have "strong feelings" at both ends of the spectrum regarding this post and the lot closure. However, we ask that you do not engage in response posts that "flame", bring up political positions or encourage users to "not comply" with the aforementioned. Such posts will be removed from this thread and posters may be banned from posting on this Facebook page.
Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times!
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