New Stony Creek is awesome

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Re: New Stony Creek is awesome

Postby xycarp » September 12th, 2021, 12:58 pm

c0nsumer wrote:
jasonpio wrote:Is there a plan for a new trail map? The existing maps are woefully inadequate now! I rode the new trails yesterday but have no idea if I rode everything and was frequently stopping to try and figure out where I was. Everyone on the trail was lost. The trail markers are great and tell you what trail you are on, but without an overall map there is no way to understand how all of the loops connect to each other.

Love the new trails but it's really frustrating to find your way around!

The park will be producing a new map and finishing the marking shortly.

Give (a test / experiment I'm doing) a look in the mean time.

The map looks great. I'd love to see that at the trail head, and some of the major intersections. Perhaps even at the top of Mt. Sheldon. I was chatting with a couple of guys on the top of Mt. Sheldon yesterday who were totally lost.

I has taken several rides on the new trails, but I think i have them down now. :)
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Re: New Stony Creek is awesome

Postby c0nsumer » September 12th, 2021, 8:21 pm

There'll be an official map. This is just something I put together as a stopgap / personal project. But thank you! :)
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