Best smart trainer for 29er MTB

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Re: Best smart trainer for 29er MTB

Postby c0nsumer » October 11th, 2018, 12:22 pm

branden wrote:The flywheel weighs 31lbs...I can understand how you could feel like you are "rowing" if you don't have the resistance set very high or your pedaling motion is not super smooth. Are you comparing a spin bike to a fluid trainer that has a small flywheel? I've noticed that top tier smart trainers are moving the nearly the same size flywheels as spin bikes (CycleOps H2 has a 20lb flywheel) so I don't see how those would feel much different.

The size of the flywheel matters as well. On my smart trainer it really has a road-like feel. Being able to change cadence and keep the resistance the same is huge, as is being able to coast to stretch my legs between efforts. I think most my my dislikes of a spin bike come down to it being fixed.
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Re: Best smart trainer for 29er MTB

Postby MudAndCowbells » October 17th, 2018, 10:32 am

Most modern direct drive setups work with MTBs. Axle type is key and you need to ensure it comes with the conversion kit. I know the CycleOps Hammer does.
The biggest issue is your drivetrain. If you are running anything Eagle, as of earlier this year, they did not have an XD driver freehub for the Hammer. I’m not sure about the Wahoo. Also, the extra depth on my Eagle was an issue. Normally, you stay in one gear and ERG mode adjust things, but I was not able to shift into the 50T without rubbing on the body of the trainer if I was using standard mode. Standard 11speed SRAM and Shimano were fine, just issues with cassettes requiring XD.
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