Stunt ride/video shoot - Burchfield May 31 - The Mambo King

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Re: Stunt ride/video shoot - Burchfield May 31 - The Mambo K

Postby reidabel » May 29th, 2015, 3:05 pm

Note that the address given in that link, 881 Grovenburg Road, Holt, MI, is correct for the main part of the park. However, we will be parking in a lot closer to the stunts (and trails), the Riverbend lot. In addition, the Riverbend lot has free entry, while you have to pay to get into the main lot (this is a county park). We encourage local riders to buy the annual pass ($30, I think is what I paid a couple of months ago), but for out-of-towners, I wouldn't be concerned about it.

Follow those directions, but instead of turning into the main lot, keep heading South on Grovenburg until it hits a "T" intersection, then turn right onto Nichols Road. The road going into the Riverbend lot will be on the right about a quarter mile down (there are signs). Turn right, follow the gravel road to the lot. Here's a picture, with the Riverbend lot circled and the main Burchfield lot X'ed out. Note that Kingman Road is what Nichols Road turns into when it turns left just after the entrance to the Riverbend lot. It's the nearest intersection to the lot, so I used it for the search.

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