Michigan House bills regarding park funding

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Michigan House bills regarding park funding

Postby Brian_Smith » October 14th, 2019, 11:00 am

There are 3 bills in the Michigan House that change how the recreation passport works and alter the way parks are funded. Since we all use the parks, we all have an interest in how they are funded.

HB 4775 - changes allocations for various accounts in the annual state park and recreation area budget. In 2018, the total revenue was around $30,000,000. Currently, after the first $11,000,000, money is allocated as follows
50% parks/rec area capital improvements
30% parks/rec area operations and maintenance
2.75% state park cultural and historic resource capital improvement, operations, maintenance
0.25% promote use of parks, use of internet for camping reservations, and payment of rec passport
10% local public recreation facilities (with local governments - for example Oakland County Parks, your city park system)
7% state forest capital improvement, operations, maintenance

this bill would allocate 75% to parks/rec area capital improvements, operations, and maintenance, increase local funding to 15% and leave the rest the same. So cutting 5% from state parks/rec areas and giving it to the local parks.

HB 4776 - minor change in the definition of the recreation passport
HB 4486 - changes the recreation passport from 'opt in' to 'opt out'. The current opt in rate is around 35%, the hope is to increase this to 50%. Any increase in the sales of rec passports directly effects the money available for parks.

These bills are scheduled to be discussed in the Transportation Committee tomorrow (10/15). The members of this committee are

Jack O'Malley (R) Committee Chair, 101st District
Gary Eisen (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 81st District
Triston Cole (R), 105th District
Jason Sheppard (R), 56th District
Julie Alexander (R), 64th District
Joseph Bellino (R), 17th District
Gary Howell (R), 82nd District
Lynn Afendoulis (R), 73rd District
Tim Sneller (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 50 District
Cara Clemente (D), 14th District
Tenisha Yancey (D), 1st District
Jim Haadsma (D), 62nd District
Nate Shannon (D), 25th District

You can go to the committee website http://house.michigan.gov/MHRPublic/Com ... mcode=TRAN to get contact info. If your Michigan House representative isn't on the list (mine isn't), call or email the chair with your comments.
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