New trail proposal in Iosco County

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Re: New trail proposal in Iosco County

Postby RMXByker » July 29th, 2009, 4:24 pm

thejode wrote:My sister has a place north of there. It would be awesome to have a trail to ride when I'm there. But there is an awful lot of sand. :?

Certainly where I learned to ride the slippery soft stuff. Nothing worse than cruizin down an awesome run and biffin it into a huge pile of sand. Not that I've done such a thing...haha

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Re: New trail proposal in Iosco County

Postby Di_bear » July 29th, 2009, 4:28 pm

j35u5fr34k wrote:I'm a new member of the MMBA and I have been working the last couple of works to help get a new trail system built in the Iosco County area. I have been in touch with the DNR and with Marne, the Executive Director of the MMBA, to get the ball rolling fast! I have also contacted the LBS and some locals individuals to get the support of the locals for a new trail. Just thought I would put the word out there and let everyone know what's going on up here in little old Tawas...

Any advice, insight, help, etc... would be appreciated! Thanks!

- Justin Biggers

Justin, do you have a crew of volunteers who are willing to help? You might want to get a hold of some IMBA info on building trails. Building trails on sandy soil can be quite an art.
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