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Postby c0nsumer » November 12th, 2019, 1:18 pm

[ Official CRAMBA Post ]

NOTICE: Per the Michigan DNR, Bald Mountain North Unit trails are open to bicycles riding in ANY direction.

During a recent meeting the DNR asked us to share this message about the trails being non-directional, and we're asking you all to do the same.

For years many of us have ridden solely in a clockwise direction, but during a recent meeting with the DNR, CRAMBA was informed that North Unit is a non-directional trail. Meaning, you can ride it in any direction you choose. Just like the non-directional trails at Bald Mountain South, enjoy going any way you choose at North, but use caution and observe the normal courtesies of riding two-way trails:

- Yield to those on foot (runners, hikers, skiers, etc).
- Yield to uphill riders.
- When passing, slow down, say hello, and pass safely.
- If passing while in a group, let others know how many more are behind you. (Eg: "Two more back..." or "Last one!" or "Just me.")

If you haven't ridden non-directional trails, don't worry! This is how most of the world's mountain bike trails are designed. With it's wide trails, sweeping turns, beginner-friendly design, and good sight lines the Bald Mountain trails are perfect for non-directional use.

Enjoy this new riding opportunity here in Southeast Michigan, and we'll see you on the trails!
Steve Vigneau

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Re: CRAMBA: Bald Mountain

Postby carsonreinke » May 2nd, 2020, 10:42 am

Anybody know where can I find info about the trail work being done off of Clarkston Road?

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