MCMBA: Hickory Glen (Commerce)

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Re: MCMBA: Hickory Glen (Commerce)

Postby Spinwheel » April 24th, 2019, 9:54 pm

Also noted during the trailday work today is ... someone has been raking leaves from the trail. :(

As a reminder -


Also thanks to JohnReyst for driving in from the east side to help today - many thanks John!
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Re: MCMBA: Hickory Glen (Commerce)

Postby bikerector » April 25th, 2019, 4:31 am

Spinwheel wrote:
Loren wrote:Yup, you're probably right. Poison ivy can grow in big thick vines up trees, but the vines are usually hairy and these look smooth. I'm so sensitive that I probably over identify, and still end up on steroids a couple times a year.

Regardless, kill it. Kill it all.

Loren is right about respecting poison ivy - learned my lesson after a hospital visit from a bad case a while back...

If the vines are not hairy - its very likely Oriental Bittersweet and will have bright orange roots.

Most of them definitely aren't poison ivy, I've gotten pretty good at identifying the vines at least from having a mix of poison ivy and wild grape vines in my back yard. Surprisingly, not oriental bittersweet since I'm only a few miles from the Hick. Everything I looked at, and that's in the pictures, is the bittersweet, but I didn't dig too far in there since I was only concerned with the stuff hanging out into the trail at the time and not having proper tools to deal with a lot of it.
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