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Re: CRAMBA: Ruby Campground

Postby cjn1014 » November 2nd, 2018, 5:27 am

Any recent experiences or trail reports? I recall hours and access being limited during archery deer season.
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Re: CRAMBA: Ruby Campground

Postby Discostallion » November 2nd, 2018, 8:55 am

Was at Ruby a few weeks ago after bow season had started & the owner said nothing about restricted times.
She did say that once camping season finishes the gate may be closed, but it was fine to park at the road as long as no driveways get blocked. There is a shed by the visitor parking that has a drop box next to it for putting your $2.

Trail is very much in need of some TLC. Lots of leaves make it hard to follow if you aren't familiar with the trail, and there were 2-3 downed trees that we had to hump bikes over. The ridge that you descend after all the tough climbs is pretty washed out/loose, & obscured by leaves. I was riding with a guy that knew the trail well, & based on conditions he felt that the other side of the river would be to unkept to be worth crossing, but at that time the crossing was doable.

I'm a newbie rider and had to hike a bike up all of the big hills, and still had a blast. Tough trail, but rad. Will be going back to climb them hills.
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