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Postby Steve_Balogh » August 14th, 2017, 11:58 am

Wow, no posts here since 2015. The day before O2S I wanted to see "Bareback Mt" / Harlow Lake that I've seen many ads and vids featuring. Bad thing was, the rain never stopped, but remained pretty light. Wet rocks are never a good thing to ride on, but I managed to get my fat bike to the top, passed a large group that ditched their bikes to see the top. Weird seeing that many bikes abandoned. Passed by them when they were coming back down. I didn't ride much on that section, tons of rocks, never seen anything like this, makes Big Kame and Poto look like a beginners trail. I did ride more coming back down and then rode quite a few miles on two tracks, easier single track, and a dirt road. My cell phone would not work in many places, but when it did, I realized I was going in the opposite direction I thought, but was within view of Harlow Lake - no worries, just retraced my way back. Fun system, lots of unmarked paths so it's good to have maps or some type of GPS to know where you are at. I did pass by some hikers that appeared to be lost. I did pass underneath a downed tree on the way up to Bareback. Thanks to the volunteers who were working there to point me in the right direction, as well as the local bikeshops that got me there.

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