Stony Creek spring trail clean-up 18 April 2020 *CANCELLED*

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Stony Creek spring trail clean-up 18 April 2020 *CANCELLED*

Postby PK » February 19th, 2020, 10:28 am

We will be meeting at the Westbranch parking lot "B" at 9:00AM for a trailday.
Expect and plan to do a few miles of hiking while helping to clean-up the trails.
Sturdy shoes, gloves and water is recommended.
The CRAMBA tool trailer should be on-site but feel free to bring any of your favorite tools. (Make sure to label them with your "mark").
Filling-in / draining mud puddles and pre-trimming brush will be the main focus.
Thanks in advance,


FWIW a bunch of the planned work for this day has already been completed.

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