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Lexus Velodrome Track 101 (MiSCA More Girls on Bikes) 1/12

PostPosted: January 3rd, 2019, 1:18 pm
by Steve_Kinley
MiSCA’s More Girls on Bikes committee is excited to partner with the Lexus Velodrome to offer an exciting opportunity to try riding the Velodrome.

Riders will take the Track 101 course, which provides a hands-on experience that will cover basics including track etiquette, riding techniques, how to get on and off the Lexus Velodrome. This course will be offered on Saturday, January 12 at 2pm.
This class is open to girls and their parents. The class, bike, shoes and helmet rental is FREE for girls under 18. Riders can bring their own shoes; however, they must have Shimano SPD cleats.

Parents are welcome to join the class, with a fee $40 fee payable to the Lexus Velodrome on the day of the event.

Deadline to register is January 8th.

Here is a sign-up genius link to register:

The Saturday Night Rumble Series 2019 has a race scheduled for 7:30pm on Saturday, January 12. Kids are free, but parents are responsible for their own tickets. Please check out the Lexus Velodrome’s website for price details: