Bike Ride from SF to DC this summer!

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Bike Ride from SF to DC this summer!

Postby SeanT » January 30th, 2012, 12:52 am

Hi Everyone,

This summer I will be riding a bicycle from San Francisco to Washington DC to raise awareness and funding for Americans with disabilities. The bike ride is called the Journey of Hope and is put on by the 501c3 organization, Push America. I'm doing the bike ride because I have a cousin who has down's syndrome that lives just outside of Toledo, Ohio. There are three routes and I'll find out later this spring to which route I'll be assigned. I'm hoping to be assigned the "North Route" which goes through East Lansing, where I'm from, Ann Arbor, where I went to school (For all you Spartans - I'm attending MSU this fall for graduate school!), and Toledo so that I can see my cousin.

Everyday the cyclists that are accepted into the Journey of Hope Ride 70-100 miles a day for 60 days from San Francisco to Washington DC. At the end of each day's ride, we will be playing with children who have disabilities or spending quality time talking with the disability community where ever we are staying at. Every year the Journey of Hope raises over $500,000 for the disability community and this money funds construction projects (wheel chair ramps, disability-accessible playgrounds), educational seminars and grants to local organizations across the country that need additional cash to support their programs for their respective disability communities.

As a cyclist, I need to raise $5,500 to be able to ride into my cousins home town this summer and I wanted to post about this exciting opportunity that I have. I know that the times aren't the best, but if anyone can spare a couple of dollars and are willing to support me by donating to such a great cause, please visit my personal page that Push America has given me here:

Thank you for your consideration,

Sean T.
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