West Lansing Trail System

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West Lansing Trail System

Postby Biggredd911 » September 30th, 2018, 3:32 pm

For those who don't follow the FB group "Mid-Michigan Trail Conditions" I'm happy to inform everyone that the trail is ready to go for night rides.
I remember seeing reflective tacks in trees at the Rose Lake trail, and thought that would be a welcome addition to WLTS (West Lansing Trail System). You will now know exactly what way to go even when conditions are pitch black. I've installed close to 600 reflective white or orange tacks. The tack will range from handlebar to eye-height. The tacks are only installed in the bike direction.
Facilities are ready to go as well. At my last visit, when I pulled up to the Fulton Park parking lot, the Portapotty was serviced and sanitized; yes there is TP in it.
What to Expect: The trail feels A LOT like Anderson's Green Trail; it's going to be great for fatbiking in the winter.

For those who still don't have a map of this nice trail, click on the link below for MMMBA's map.
MAP- http://mmmba.org/gallery/fultonparktrailarrowlogonot%20outlined%20type.pdf

Thanks again to all the volunteers and MMBA members that made this trail possible.
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Re: West Lansing Trail System

Postby Overdrive » September 30th, 2018, 3:42 pm

Thanks for your work out there.

For those who aren't familiar with this trail, the City of Lansing Parks and Rec department head (Brett K.) approached us (MMMBA) and asked for input and some help putting a trail in. The entire team at Parks and Rec has been great to work with from the start.

Note, update of the PDF of the map to be done at some point but for now please note that the connector and bridge are in place to ride between Hunter & Fulton : )
The entire trail is also available on TrailForks as a GPS.

Get out there and ride (and enjoy Bidredd911's work on marking and keeping illegal users out).

Concur, this is a great trail year round and for fat bikes rolled nicely last winter along with Anderson.
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