MMMBA Annual Meeting Nov 15th 6:30 PM

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MMMBA Annual Meeting Nov 15th 6:30 PM

Postby Jared13 » October 29th, 2016, 10:54 am

From their facebook page:
Save the date: November 15, 6:30 PM for the MMMBA annual meeting. It will be held at Burchfield Park, winter activities building at the main entrance. Aiming to wrap things up in an hour! So plan to get started on time and we'll keep things rolling.
Aiming to get an event notice posted but want to get the news out now. Share the word. Join (be sure to select Mid-Michigan as your local chapter), renew, come even if you're not a member (and join!).
Let's make some plans for the coming year, get updates on trails and new things.
There will also be elections for officers. If you want to be added to the slate for voting, please send your name and position you want to run for to info at mmmba dot org and we can add it.
See you there!
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