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Lapeer Oakdale Trails Pub Night Dec. 6

PostPosted: November 29th, 2018, 2:44 pm
by Josh McCreedy
Trail enthusiasts of all stripes are welcome to attend the Oakdale Trails Pub Night at Tilted Axis Brewing in lovely downtown Lapeer. The free informational event is Thursday, December 6, at 7 pm. While these trails are not yet official CRAMBA trails, they are in the territory and are being developed by CRAMBA members with support from the City of Lapeer. My company is building the trail, but volunteers have helped to defray costs of the 2.65 miles completed thus far.

The agenda:
Formal presentation of the trail plan adopted by the city
Q & A with the trail builder Josh McCreedy of TrailSense.
Engage growing network of trail stewards
Future plans including signage, trailheads, and work to be completed next season.
Public outreach including web presence, printed maps, and events.
We are encouraging any trail user to attend including runners, hikers, cyclists, birders, and cultural historians.

Come on up for a ride beforehand, eat some pizza, enjoy some drinks, and learn about a new trail system in the area. Please spread the word.