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Hunting season

PostPosted: September 26th, 2010, 12:10 pm
by froggyrider
Just a reminder- I borrowed this from the Poto thread (thanks, Geff!):

"Sept 15 marks the beginning of hunting season. Here is what mountain bikers should know:
Where: All DNR parks (Pinckney, Brighton, Island Lake, Highland, Pontiac) (and Proud Lake!)are open to hunting, with the exception of Maybury. Metroparks and local parks are not open to hunting.
When is the critical time: NOv 15- NOv 30 is deer firearm season: This is the time to avoid the trails completely. Outside of that, Sept-March is small game season, Archery, etc. This carries much less risk than deer firearm season.
General Advice: 1) Try to wear orange. 2) Respect the hunters. They have been using the parks much longer than mountain bikers have been around. If there are hunter-biker conflicts, the resolution is much more likely to be limitations on biking than on hunting! 3) Ride after sunset (with lights of course!)4) Ride in parks where hunting is banned: Maybury, Non-DNR parks like Olsen, Rolling Hills, Novi Lakeshore, Hewen's Creek, Morton-Taylor,Rouge, Hickory Glen, Munson, Milford, etc."