12/16/10 chapter meeting minutes

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12/16/10 chapter meeting minutes

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MMBA Metro South Chapter Meeting 12/16/10

Station 885, Plymouth, Michigan 7:00 p.m.

Claudia Bean
Wendy Cox
Loren Konkus
Dave Cox
Mark Dombrawski
Bob Spleet
Nate Sefak
Bill Hermann
Frank Bean
Daniel VanDeveede
John Cox
Mike Flack
Jesse Bajwa
Steve Steinberg
Ted Welsh
Steve Balogh
Steve Kinley
Don Chisholm
Sally Green
Mike Rende
Mike Osterhart
Jon Heft
Dave Thompson
Scott Silvers
Joe Foy

Minutes Approved

Updates from the Board:

Claudia Bean thanked the board members, trail coordinators, and members for a year of hard work. She reported that the membership was up from last year for the Metro South. She also let everyone know that there are still black and white brochures, business cards, state brochures available to put at kiosks or in local bike shops.

Treasures Report: Ending balance for 2010-$10,947.33

State Board Rep: Dave Thompson-Update regarding IMBA and MMBA merging: this idea is still in the early stages and more questions need to be answered.
Annual Meeting is looking for items for the silent auction. Contact Diane for more information.

Vice President: Dave Cox-FAFL hours need to be turned in for annual meeting and FAFL awards. Also hours are important to give to the land managers so they know how much time and work the MMBA puts in at the parks and maintaining the trails.

Please remember to email in any hours you do so that we get an accurate count for grants and property managers.

Trail Reports:

Hickory Glen/Commerce-Dave Cox reported for Justin Applegate. Trail in good condition, one tree needs to be removed. Steve has volunteered to be assistant trail coordinator.

Highland-Bob Spleet reporting. Trail in good shape, not much action since deer season started. Forms need to be submitted to DNR in order to ride the trail backwards for Carlos Memorial ride on May 5, 2011.

ILRA-Dave Thompson and Mark Dombrawski reporting. Some trees are down. The DNR has been helpful all year. Fall re-route has been successful and hopefully a springboard for better re-routes that Dave is working on getting approved.

Lakeshore Park/Tree Farm-Dave Cox and Loren Konkus reported. Fallen trees being removed as needed. The root problem seems to have stopped. A re-route is being planned for the spring trail day. Tuesday rides are scheduled to go on all through the winter. The Tree Farm Relay is scheduled for July 23, 2011 and will be capped at 100 teams.

Maybury-Mike Flack reported. Trail in good shape, ready to ride through the winter as the trail is open all winter. Use to Beck Road entrance during the winter. Mike plans to meet with the new trail coordinators soon. He see potential for a re-route in the spring. Many thanks to Mike for his many years of hard work and dedication to the MMBA.

Milford/Proud Lake-Bill Hermann reported. John Cox, assistant trail coordinator was also in attendance. Trail was reported to be in good shape for a ride or cross-country skiing. The Milford Trail Challenge is set for June 4, 2011. A possible camp out at Proud Lake is being looked into. The Crit in Milford will be on July 31, 2011.
DTE connector trail is going to city counsel for approval in June 2011. Bill recommends that the Kensington Connector be its own trail system.

Munson-Email from Scott Goocher. A night ride was held on December 11. Some local Boyscouts have been working on the trail. There is a new trail sign at the front of the park and while trail has been raked for winter riding.
Rouge Park Trail- Looking to have a weekly ride there starting in the spring.

Ted Welsh, Regional Trail Coordinator-Ted?s position is to work with John Gonway and the local trail coordinators and to advocate for mountain biking around Michigan. Ted attended a meeting in the fall to open communication with the DNRE and to establish goals and ideas they and we want to accomplish. Ted explained in detail how the equestrian bill will work and that the MMBA should keep maintaining the trails we ride. Ted will keep the chapter updated.

Steve Kinley, MiSCA-Steve spoke about the Lake Orion High School bike program. A flyer was passed out.

Other Announcements:

The 2011 Annual Expo will be held on January 30, 2011. They are looking for volunteers to set up. The Bent Rim Bugle is trying to be revived.

Maybury CPS race will be held on August 20, 2011.

Nominations and elections:

President-Joe Foy
Vice President-Loren Konkus
Secretary-David Cox
Treasure-Scott Silvers
State Board Rep.-Dave Thompson

Meeting Adjourned at 8:54 p.m.
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