Thanks Everyone!

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Thanks Everyone!

Postby macbean » May 4th, 2009, 7:21 am

I wanted to thanks everyone for all the great work over the last three weekends.

We had 3 traildays (Novi, Island Lake, and Maybury) as well as the Take a Kid Mountainbiking event at Novi. Between these four events we got a lot of work done and had some pretty good exposure for the MMBA and the chapter.

Two special thanks do need to go out, one to Jean S of the Trails Edge team. Thanks for ALL your work last weekend, both at the trailday and running the kids event. I know how intimidating trying to coordinate an event like that can be and you did a great job!

The other thanks (some might think me biased on this :oops: ) is to Team Tree Farm. Thanks to everyone in the group for their help over all 4 of these events.

This year we are doing something new (to us) and that is dedicating a person (or two) to a booth set up at the trailhead to let people know who we are and what we're doing for the day. Not sure why we haven't done it in the past since it just makes sense. We talked to quite a few people and even signed some up.

Thanks again to everyone that attended for all the hard work!
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Re: Thanks Everyone!

Postby otherdave » May 4th, 2009, 7:49 am

You said it Frank!

What a *beep* of a lot of work by an amazing group of people. The Maybury mud pit fix, just like the Lakeshore Limey's mud pit fix, was awesome. A full day of work by a dozen or so people to create a few seconds of trail for thousands of riders. What a great contribution!

Just as with the Tree Farm and ILRA trail days, a huge thank-you to the lopping, de-berming, and trail repair crews that went out all around the trail. Sherpa, HoDaddy and I rode the trail after work wrapped up. Your work was so impressive that I didn't notice it one bit. it speaks volumes for your hard work: no face slappers, no mud pits, and nothing but fine singletrack to show for it!!! Great job!

Well done to everyone for their hard work at the traildays for Maybury, ILRA, and the Tree Farm!

Spring cleaning is done... LETS RIDE!
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Re: Thanks Everyone!

Postby Sherpaboy » May 4th, 2009, 8:01 am

Re-Posted from another thread
Huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped today...Yes the biggest project was the mud pit...But we also had a lot of people trimming and knocking down berms (water holding berms) to help the rest of the trail.

Now the big ole mud pit will still get some tweaking and added limestone once we get the top few layers compacted a bit. I rode after with Joe (Hockey Daddy) and Dave (OD). We did see the downed tree in the Sanatorium. I think Dave and i can cut that out this week...if the DNR doesn't beat us to it.

Again I can't say enough about the amount of work and problem solving that came out of the group today...Thanks again
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