ROLLING HILLS PARK: Seeking Trail Adopters

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ROLLING HILLS PARK: Seeking Trail Adopters

Postby michael48197 » April 1st, 2017, 3:05 pm

ROLLING HILLS PARK: Looking for section adopters for trail maintenance at RHP in Ypsilanti Township off Stony Creek Road. As Trail Coordinator, I'm taking the most difficult to maintain "green" West Meadows section. And, thankfully, someone has already volunteered for the "blue" first 1.3 miles in the SE corner. Any takers for the "fuschia" North Meadows loop or "yellow" 1.4 mile section in the SW corner? The "yellow" section is mostly trimming by hand, but is maturing to the point where it's only a few days work per year. The "fuschia" North Meadow loop is 90% mowing with the brush mower that needs to be done 3-4X per year. North Meadow mowing will typically be combined on the same day or weekend as West Meadow work.

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