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SOLD - For Sale - Surly Pugsley Carbon Wheelset

PostPosted: November 14th, 2019, 1:33 pm
by chris_werth
For sale, 135mm F/R Industry 9 hubs (Red) laced to Light bicycle 65mm Carbon rims. Total wheelset came in around 1800 grams. They are taped and ready to run tubeless. Front hub is laced center and the hub is a front specific hub. Also for sale is a Carbon Sarma Hoboy fork. I was able to get my SS pugs down below 25lbs.

*Note, wheels have well over 6,000 miles on them but have plenty of life left. Bearings are smooth, and I do have some replacement bearings.

$300.00 for Wheelset

**Also I have plenty of parts that fit a Pugs if anyone is interested.

Clarkston area.