Free beer cans !!

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Free beer cans !!

Postby SANTA_CRUZ » March 1st, 2020, 11:48 am

I have been collecting beer cans since I was a kid and have many, many doubles, extras or cans I just don't have the room for.
They make a great colorful decoration for a basement/bike room space and can be used as a border along the ceiling or to
make a large wall display of them using cheap and easy to work with 1" x 3" pine boards and a half dozen small L brackets.
I have about 2000 on my walls and it looks really cool.

If anyone wants a dozen up to a hundred of them you are welcome to have some for free. Many of them are older, but with some newer ones, too.
If you are within an hour of the Canton area I could meet you someplace in public, you could pick them up and I might be able to deliver them?
If I don't get rid of them like this I will take them in for recycling.

Thanks for reading.
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