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Postby scotsean234 » September 29th, 2020, 7:16 am

For sale
1989 slingshot mountain bike
I dont want to sink the money into this that it needs to be built the way I envision it, so its up for sale. I bought it a few years ago and wanted to make it a single speed, but I have other interests so this is on the chopping block. I really didnt think I would ever list it for sale. Anyways, from the research I've done I believe it to be a 1989 with original second generation decals. It has scratches, worn off and chipped paint (mostly by the chain stays area)and normal wear. It also has a small hole in the seat mast due to a stuck post at one time. I couldn't find any cracks and there are no rewelds. Its far from perfect but it has cool factor. There aren’t many of these frames that I could find on the internet. PM all questions and if you want more photos. Frame and fork only. Unless you want the other parts which will be a bit more. Price reduced 6/30/2020 To $600.00 shipped. Im open for trades. Profile gen 3 cranks in original condition and old cycle craft stuff. Call dibs in post. Lower 48 US only.
If interested pm me @ scotsean234@gmail.com

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