Natural trails versus Imba guidelines

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Re: Natural trails versus Imba guidelines

Postby lawn dart » March 17th, 2015, 4:02 pm

Currently I am in the Pacific Northwest, and just about all the trails here are bedded with a course crushed rock. It's basically lava shrapnel, but it drains great and it can be ridden on no matter how wet it is. It's plentiful & cheap because it's everywhere. It contributes greatly to year 'round riding in this area. Rain or shine. No one here has ever heard the term "pizza cutters" used in relation to trail damage. They just give you a quizzical look.

The big difference is that there are not multiple freeze/thaw cycles here that turn the underlying clay into a sludge pit, like in S.E. Michigan.

But I have seen areas in Michigan where crushed stone has been used with good results. So what are the IMBA guidelines in relation to crushed stone on the trail bed? I understand that because of the freeze/thaw cycles crushed stone has to be replenished from time to time, but are there defining factors that determine when & where crushed stone makes sense, or where it would be a waste of time & resources?

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