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New to mountain biking

Postby bustedparts » September 2nd, 2013, 8:21 pm

Hi ! My name is Rich Winkelman, 41 years old . New to mountain biking. I had one a few years back and it was stolen off my front porch. I live in spring lake MI so I was kinda surprised that some one took it. Any way it has taken me a few years to get another one. So I bought a 2013 Trek marlin gary fisher edition. I really want to get it on some trails other then the bike paths in the area. No sure were to go yet. I got the bike to get back into shape and get outdoors. I rode dirt bikes in that past so I miss trail riding. I do love the trek but the seat is killing me! I need suggestions on buying a new seat. I am kind of a big guy. 6'5 270lbs . I want to get something that will match the bike and look nice. I also need sudgestions on what to get for trail riding. Kinda new at it.
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Re: New to mountain biking

Postby Sortaslow » September 4th, 2013, 7:40 pm

cramer wrote:
Whether that saddle is comfortable or not, you won't really be able to judge until you get into some sort of riding shape. Just start out slow doing a couple or a few miles a couple times a week and slowly work up to more.

Very good point. I'd wait until your ass is more used to being in a saddle of any type. Then start your search.

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Re: New to mountain biking

Postby raymears » September 4th, 2013, 11:35 pm

I'm in Grand Haven. The close trails as I see them:
-Bass River: Tight turns through the woods. No elevation changes, good design with loops coming off the road. It isn't as nice as the trails in Rockford, but it's close and decent.
-Owasippe: Up near Michigan's Adventure, so fairly close to you. It's beautiful and a fun trail to ride with some good hills. It's closed in the middle of the summer, though, and has a fee to park.
-Pigeon Creek: Not single-track, more of a wide family trail. Good to ride with the family, but nothing comparable to any of the other trails in the area.
-Upper Macatawa: New trail in Holland, not finished yet. Some portion is available to ride, I haven't ridden it.
-Wahlfield Trail: New trail, not finished yet. Some portion is available to ride, I haven't ridden it.

Rockford trails:
-Luton: Wonderful trail. About 9 miles, with hills, but no real technical sections. Good visibility, secure trails... just a great trail all around. Great loop design.
-Cannonsburg State Game Area: Very nice trail. I think it's about 7 miles, though it feels longer. Some tough hills, no real technical sections. Feels like more of a workout to me than most trails. Can get sandy.
-Cannonsburg Ski Area: Some good hills on this trail, up and down. I think this is around 6 miles. There's a skills area with jumps if you want. I always enjoy this trail.
-Merrell Trails: Pretty unique - some great flowing downhills, best in the area. Rides in both directions (one per day), different experience both ways. More technical stuff than the other trails. ~7 miles.
-Cannon Township: Very short, just sort of an add-on if you want a little more after finishing one of the other trails nearby.

-Robinette's Orchard: I won't ride this trail. I don't feel that it's maintained to a safe level. Some pretty wild stuff there. Small fee to ride. It feels like time has passed this trail by.
-Yankee Springs: Much like Owasippe - beautiful, with hills. The downhills have lots of smallish dropoffs that can be a challenge. Fun trail and worth the drive.
-Greenville: Edwards Creek / Shearer Road: A combo pair of trails due to the drive to get there, with a connecting bike path. Shearer is a lot like Bass River, Edwards Creek is like Merrell without the flow - skills and berms.
-Fort Custer: Getting pretty far away now. Rode it once last year and loved it, planning to go again this weekend. Three 5-mile loops, big hills, tricky spots... a bit more on the edge than the closer trails.

I've never ridden Ionia, Ken-O-Sha, Big M, Grand River, Allegan (heard bad things), Hungerford (heard bad things), Riley Trails (heard bad things), Grand Rapids Bike Park, or North Country Trail.
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