Reverse trail directions (?)

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Re: Reverse trail directions (?)

Postby ScottStruzik » August 22nd, 2018, 7:35 am

b_b wrote:I'm surprised nobody ever said anything to you. I've encountered folks going the wrong way a few times and always say something for their own safety and others.

Perhaps they didn't because I always yielded to them... I would have been receptive to anyone nicely explaining that there was a direction. I guess most importantly no one was rude or hostile toward me.

I did once run into a biker that started yelling at me when I was at the top of the crazy steep switch-backs at Bloomer, but I couldn't understand him and he declined my request to stop and tell me whatever it was that he was trying to tell me.

Good news is that last night for the first time I was going the correction direction on all the trails on a great 16.4 mile evening ride!

Thanks all for the input!
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