FS: Great family/bikes hauler - 2014 Ford Transit Connect

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FS: Great family/bikes hauler - 2014 Ford Transit Connect

Postby vivelavida » August 12th, 2018, 8:55 pm

Are you a no-nonsense person looking for a great family/bikes hauler? Maybe you have checked some minivans and have realized that such vehicles nowadays are heavy, bloated road whales, with a boring look and a high price tag? Here is the perfect vehicle for you: please, meet the Ford Transit Connect!

This is a delightfully straightforward, fuel-efficient and space-efficient van, that is relatively low on frills but very high on usefulness. It is equal parts utility van and compact car. Being based on Ford global C platform (same as the Focus and Escape) the Transit Connect drives more like a small car than a minivan or utility vehicle, with surprisingly quick turn-in and some semblance of road feel through the wheels, but... above all, it can fit multiple bikes vertically in the rear!

The specific vehicle on sale here is a 2014 Ford Transit Connect, LWB, with 7 seats and lots of optional features like: leather seats, navigation system, F&R parking sensors, backup camera, Ford SYNC, alloy wheels, roof bars, aesthetic features and towing kit. It has 38,000mi and it is in very good conditions: it has always been taken care of and never been in an accident. It also comes with a fresh set of tires.


Asking $15,500 O.B.O. Call/txt preferred.

CARFAX REPORT visible here: http://clicks.email.carfax.com/wf/click?upn=9eFkJ-2BPXM1NX-2FpYt5KartLAJrj-2BzqGtl2KWvcfoiz74w7Jv8-2FtS-2Flm1jwCH0xUUIrU6V7tGbwcTu-2BCdwmuPJHKQoyJAXnmGFKL1XFjGKf9g1Mr4TSjSRzOzosDvF8V8ivKbR-2BXkvu0iwNlJBaSEUxF2G9eKREQymyz9JzreiEY8mJHGbMXv6JAROrupCnv-2FYAvaI06-2Fz-2Bx-2FKTBBuG-2BHRFg-3D-3D_iEpdesVaMIvchMVNrBokxt-2Flmy5XNxerT5PHv6WhX3hcRhiVl8wNHvmkQoQEB-2FYPogkCUyiTMKHiNNw-2F2PKwvKL74MZqQqOz9HbHR9CVOcBuwm5UQhRmA3hulymvKJZhQbGfEa67-2Fx4ESTkHD4WALkawkg7juF1pwfnIY2CVwMG7oLmAzYUY9NQVwLo47emKS02FRdJhqUnO958PwkCVN1gcByRcVvJ6IAj3CcGRk2vkgbc2MnCwcsFcljcyXWh7-2BvkiML24tsaC6z9OmJGUCVYorInA50XNcNqlAWEl2yxpRFwPrUrSeuBU-2BjixYUReRWSzyWwsL3luzmtVbv4aVKyiXaqLY2W1QH-2Fei45qObRNLx-2ByibTLP8LWTqicmLIEZ4t3QFFEEI2hmqO6nxUYbPAk5YfUr1wsAniKf-2B5u0Dpd-2F3UMLyoZ-2FO1-2BrqKR7GmddUe5ud7aR2GVIeSYpAJsv15a3zXfkepkrSS9YtNfi44Wh9vAbo0KVW4zo8vuYz1EwSAs7bJg7heeYaTmu-2BaW9TJ0afJ5Q9AdtOfO1KqBlHyCeZMNCCYj06NjcOr9e96K

Thanks for looking.
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Re: FS: Great family/bikes hauler - 2014 Ford Transit Connec

Postby rmp » August 13th, 2018, 8:23 am

These are fantastic and if I could at all justify having another vehicle, I'd be all over it! Good Luck with the sale!

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